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You can bring hope to the stray dogs of Sierra Leone

When I first held Hope, a tiny puppy I found on the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone, she was cold, damp and limp. So I knew we had to act fast.

I work for WSPA and was in Africa to meet a wonderful vet, Dr Gudush Jalloh, who runs the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society.

We found Hope's mother first. She was wandering the riverbank, emaciated and frantically searching for something.

A passer-by told me some boys had thrown her puppies into the river.

As an animal lover like you, I was sickened. But then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something move down by the riverbed. As I ran over and saw it was a puppy, my heart leapt for joy.

I called her Hope.

Dr Jalloh and I took mum and pup to his vet clinic for urgent care and treatment. Hope's mother was desexed, and Hope vaccinated and wormed. Both were fed and allowed much needed rest and recuperation.

While Hope and her mother are now safe, there are many other dogs just like them that need urgent help.

You can help these dogs by supporting the work of Dr Jalloh and his team. They are fighting for Sierra Leone's dogs in the face of extreme poverty, determined to provide veterinary care, vaccinations and neutering services.

  • $30 could treat 6 dogs with antibiotics to heal painful wounds
  • $60 could neuter 3 dogs, preventing unwanted litters
  • $125 could provide veterinary examinations for 15 dogs

Dr Jalloh saves the lives of so many dogs, but he relies entirely on WSPA supporters for the funds to run his clinic so he can treat, vaccinate and care for the roaming dogs of Sierra Leone.

Your gift could be the gift of life to a suffering dog in Sierra Leone, and help other animals around the world too.

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